Tv spots

Below are links to two of the tv spots for which I've had the honour to receive awards. Both were made for The Road Traffic Directorate in Iceland. 


The tv spot Angels won the Icelandic Advertising awards "Lúðurinn" in the Public Awareness category in 2012. Idea and concept: Bjarney Hinriksdóttir (myself) for Hvíta húsið advertising agency, with a beautiful execution by the film production company Truenorth.

Slow down (Hægðu á þér)

I came up with the idea of this tv spot while working as an Art Director for the advertising agency Hvíta húsið. It was made for the Road Traffic Directorate in Iceland and became my most awarded work. I’m extremely found of this project. It was one of my first big projects at the agency, I learned so much in the whole process and it was created for a really good cause (to lower the rate of car accidents caused by speeding). The music is a traditional Icelandic song Vísur Vatnenda Rósu (Verses by Rosa of Vatnsendi) and the lyrics are incredibly sorrowful. Director: Guðjón Jónsson.